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Some Quick Notes and A Call for Titles

Before I get to the main part of the post, a quick story, because it’s been a while since I embarrassed my kids. After school today, my boys took part in a Halloween party. Normally, this wouldn’t be much to comment about. However, things never seem to travel along a normal path around here. To…

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Kids Make Me Laugh

My kids make me laugh. For those with children, I assume this is not a new thing. Kids are funny. The things they do. The things they say. They can be funnier than the best comedian. They can also be a gigantic pain in the stones, but we aren’t going to discuss that today because…

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15 Words: A Writing Game

One of the cool things about being a writer, or an artist, is how excited your kids get about writing and art. The Little One has always been interested in drawing, and he’s drawn some very impressive things for a 5-year old. Here’s the devil he drew for me before I went on my writing…

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