Taking the Road Less Traveled Occasionally Gets You Lost

When I set out to write a blog I already knew that I wanted it to be a WordPress blog. There were several reasons for this

1. I had used WordPress before.
2. It was free.
3. I was familiar enough with the code to get it to look and feel the way I wanted.

So, naturally, I started the blog with BlogEngine, a decent if little known blogging platform.

Why? Well, there are several reasons for that. The most important being, the very kind and generous person who hosts my website, blog, and email, without charge, asked me to use it. I found a theme I liked and then taught myself enough of the back end that I could port my, already developed, WP theme to BlogEngine. Of course, there were issues. With several weeks of back and forth emails, we got those issues worked out and the blog launched right on time. Just in time to find a whole new host of issues, most of which are related to the mobile version of the blog.

After a few weeks we found a way to circumvent these new issues. The mobile blog uses a different theme than the main blog. Is this good marketing? Nope. Did it fix the problem? Yep. So that’s the way it’s been for the past 4+ months. Until now.

Remember that really nice and generous friend I mention up near the top? Well, he has upgraded his server. And the new server can support WordPress. So, I’m moving the Monkey Blog. It’s not going to happen quickly. I still need to set everything up. Then I need to move all the old posts over.  This takes time. I expect to have everything worked out in a few weeks.

What can you expect from the new WordPress version? Most importantly, one cohesive look for the blog on all devices. This will more closely match the theme of adamlehrhaupt.com which will be getting some minor revisions to bring everything in line. The crowd goes wild…

There you have it. I know it’s not as exciting as a post where I thoroughly embarrass myself for your entertainment, but hopefully this change will make it much easier for me to create those posts. And easier for you to view them.


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