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What’s All This About Circles?

If you’ve been following the blog, you should know that my younger son, The Little One, sees the world differently than the rest of the family. We try to reach out to him in all different kinds of ways, music, art, games, and of course, books. One of my favorites to read with him is…

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I Had Fun in New Jersey. Really, I did.

I spent last weekend at the NJ SCBWI conference. It was the first time that I attended this event and I must say, they throw a good party. From the cocktail party Friday night all the way through the closing keynote, the experience was fantastic. If you have any interest in writing kidlit at all,…

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Research: Watching an Author Visit

Large groups of children are scary. I am positive that teachers/educators know this, and yet they still choose to become educators. I could probably write a whole post on things that scare me but teachers experience/overcome/tolerate, perhaps even enjoy. This is not that post. Instead, I am going to take one moment to point out how…

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