You Need Help. Serious Help.

There are a lot of things that I don’t enjoy doing. Things like spending time with small minded people, watching the news, and reality TV. Sometimes these things are easily avoided, but other times, they provide a significant barrier to accomplishing my goals. Then there are times that the barrier is more of a wall.…

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Research: Watching an Author Visit

Large groups of children are scary. I am positive that teachers/educators know this, and yet they still choose to become educators. I could probably write a whole post on things that scare me but teachers experience/overcome/tolerate, perhaps even enjoy. This is not that post. Instead, I am going to take one moment to point out how…

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Your Best of List is Wrong

Earlier this week The Wife Person asked me to make a list of my favorite picture books. My initial thought paralleled this tweet: Favorite Picture Book? How can you choose? How about my favorite as of this minute… @Lisalibtech It can be very difficult to make a ‘best of’ list. Someone will always say you…

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