Below are some of the interviews I’ve done. They are loads of fun. Hop over to the contact page if you are interested in an interview, an in person visit, or just want some info you can’t find here.

I was able to finish Mr. Schu’s sentences¬†at his blog, Watch. Connect. Read.

I had the chance to talk books with Robin Newman at her blog Robin Newman Books.

I got busy with Matthew Winner on his Let’s Get Busy podcast.

I was Tenerviewed by Nicole Walters, it’s ok it didn’t hurt.

I was interviewed by Kate Louise at her blog.

Monkey was interviewed on the first ever Mr. Pig Live at the Little Crooked Cottage.

Books by Adam

Warning: Do Not Open This Book Cover Image

Please, Open This Book!

Chicken in Space (cover)

I Will Not Eat You (Cover)

I Don't Draw, I Color (Cover)
Chicken in SchoolWordplayThis is a Good Story