The Adventure Begins

It’s Tuesday and this is the day I add a new, and hopefully fun/interesting, post to the blog. Except that today is a different kind of Tuesday. I am on vacation. The good news, there is obviously a blog post. The bad news, it’s a little shorter than the usual posts.
Why? Because it is the beginning of a one week adventure that I hope you will all take with me. What kind of adventure? I’m searching for monkeys. I have gathered my trusty banana. I have a bit of string. And I am out in the wild looking for monkeys.
I know, I could have done a week long countdown until the release of Warning: Do Not Open This Book! But doesn’t a monkey hunt sound like more fun? Sure does! Here are the places that you can follow the hunt:

I will be posting updates each day until we find Monkeys. I hope that you will join me on this adventure. I assure you that we will have fun along the way. If we’re lucky, we just might find some monkeys. The adventure begins now…


2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins”

  1. Vicky VanFradenburgh
     ·  Reply

    So creative!! Love this idea.

  2. Amy Rudd
     ·  Reply

    Happy Book Birthday to you Adam! Hope you enjoy a successful launch of your book! Looking forward to reading it!

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