Where do ideas come from? And what do you do now that you have one?

Spend some time understanding where ideas come from. And then watch them, as they grow from the initial spark to a finished and published manuscript.


Outside-the-Box Picture BooksOutside the Box

What are they? What makes them work? How can you write one?

There are several different methods for creating non-linear or outside-the-box picture books. In this presentation, we take a look at several highly successful examples of each kind, delving into what makes them work.


Tools, Processes, and More

Tools for writing. Processes to streamline workflow. And more…

An in depth look at great tools to use to help with your writing. Processes to help streamline your writing process. What they are, how to create them, and some examples. And a whole slew of tips, tricks, and insider knowledge.

Create WordsCustomize Your Own

Adam would be happy to put together a custom presentation.

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Conferences and Festivals Adam has Presented at:

Bookwork Festival Houston, TX 2017

Eastern-PA SCBWI Fall Philly 2016

Miami International Book Festival 2016

Princeton Children’s Book Festival 2014, 2015, 2016

Eastern-PA SCBWI Pocono Retreat 2015

NJ SCBWI Summer 2015

NJ SCBWI Workshops 2014

BEA 2014, 2015

Please Touch Museum Storybook Ball 2014

KSRA 2014 at Penn State

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Books by Adam

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Please, Open This Book!

Chicken in Space (cover)

I Will Not Eat You (Cover)

I Don't Draw, I Color (Cover)
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